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  • About Aquanatte Monique

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    My Mission

    My mission is to help you fulfill your vision in life. Nothing is impossible to those who have the courage to just begin. It doesn’t matter if you are starting fresh or starting over, I’m here to take the journey with you!

    About our Company and its Divisions

    Compassion Community Care was created out of the need to provide meaningful, quality, and holistic behavioral health services to the community.

    Our Sister company, Community Compassion Care (C3), A Division of SSHS, has expanded their services to provide Primary Care and Medication Management to our community in Las Vegas.

    My Education & Experience

    I grew up in Gary, Indiana and I was surrounded by desolation. In spite of what my surroundings were, I grew up in a family that knew the importance of vision, of grind, and never giving up on your goals or yourself. There was not much to see or explore in my city that provided me with much inspiration as my family was limited economically and some opportunities were out of my financial reach. However, the very situation that I was in became my greatest opportunity and my success! I learned to use my imagination to create what I wanted my world to be. I became a visionary early on in my life. I read dozens of books a week as an escape of my reality; but the books only nurtured my gift of understanding people and how they think and behave. I began to understand the dynamics of relationships ranging from personal to business. Now fast forward, my experiences have provided me with the abilities to sit with my clients and assess their needs very quickly. I am able to tailor a plan of action specific to their personality, their vision, and the needs of their target audience (if it is a business).

    I love who I am and the person that I am evolving into daily. We know that the work on “self” never ends. We are designed to continually grow. Remaining grounded has been key in my growth and my success as I am constantly living in awareness of my internal state as I interact with the external world around me. My main mantra to myself is that I strive daily to “live” and not just “exist”. I am here to share my gifts with the world! I genuinely love to see people become the best versions of themselves, daily.