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  • Ju'Jaraw Singleton, LMSW, CSW-I

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    Congratulations on taking the first step! Deciding to invite someone along on your journey in such a personal way is no easy task; Yet here you are! Life can feel overwhelming and sometimes it can leave you feeling hopeless. Finding the right therapist on top of everything else you have going on in your life can be tough. However, you should be proud of yourself for making the decision to not just survive life but to LIVE IT!


    Our mental health impacts our relationships, aspirations, and our overall quality of life. My style of therapy creates a safe space for clients to be heard and process through their thoughts and emotions in relation to their journey through life, without fear of judgment. My therapeutic approach is very holistic and client-centered.

    I am no stranger to the effects that life can have on your mental health. I have had to make the same decision you are making right now and utilize therapy myself. As a Clinician, this personal experience is what makes my approach and outlook unique because I can relate to this part of the journey towards wellness.