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  • You Just Have to Clean Out Your Closet

    My niece said to me, “Tee-Tee, you have to put out content on social media so people can hear what you have to say”. I absolutely do not like what social media does to some people and I feel like a lot of people get away from living their truths because they are trying to live out someone else’s on social media. This has caused me to shy away from social media most of the time. However, my soul’s desire is to help others navigate their journey in life. I said to myself, “Ok, let’s do this”. I’m going to write from my experiences and my training; and that I was going to be as raw, honest, and transparent as I can be and not ponder on who doesn’t like it. Remember, you will always have your critics. Life is raw and it makes no excuses for how it presents itself to us so I’m not going to make excuses or apologize for how I present my material. I’m confident that I will reach the audience that I was born to reach and hopefully help someone to change the course of their life, to live another day, to hope another day, and to embrace themselves moment by moment on this journey in life.

    My first blog is about cleaning up yourself and cleaning out your life. We have all tried reading books on such topics as “ The 10 steps to success” or something like “Your road to financial freedom”. You know what I’m getting at. We have loads of eBooks, hardcover books, audible books, and subscriptions in our homes. Let me be clear that I am not against any of these books. I have learned much from many of these types of reads. However, I had to get “me” together first. So, let’s talk about cleaning this closet of yours.

    I find that sharing my personal experiences makes life seem real and relatable to my audience, so here goes…

    It was time for me to pack up and move to Vegas and start another part of my journey in a different place. (We will talk about that at another time). I walked through my home and surveyed all of my closets. Oh goodness, how could one person accumulate so much stuff! There were bags I never carried that I bought from islands when I was cruising. You know, those stupid bags everyone buys that has the name of the island written on it at least 30 times. Then you get home and say to yourself, “I’m not carrying that around.” Then you have all these coats (if you live in a place that gets cold). I had coats of all lengths, colors, and materials. I even kept the coats in which the zippers were broken. I would always say to myself, “This is a good coat, I’ll get that zipper fixed”. Yep, another winter passed and that same coat was still in the closet taking up space. Oh, and what about the clothes that just don’t fit, anymore. But I was somehow hoping that I can get to the size I was when I was 20 years old. Who cared about hormonal changes, metabolism slowing down, and all that other fantastic stuff no one told you was coming to a theatre near you in your 40’s. So, year after year, I made excuses as to why I kept a bunch a stuff in my closet that needed repairs, that was too small, or I just plainly could not do anything with it. 

    This is how we are with ourselves. We visit the closets in our minds, in our soul, and in our spirits and we know that we need to do some mind, soul, and spirit cleansing but we don’t. We just make excuses as to why we should keep the negative thoughts, the same mindset, and continue to live a life of emotional turmoil. We live in the past in our minds of what could have, should have, and would have been instead of throwing those thoughts out and replacing them with a new way of thinking. This causes us to feel stuck. We just won’t let go…I will never say that we “can’t” let go or I would be lying to you and myself. Nope, we “choose” not to let go. We become hoarders of our past memories, past hopes, past dreams and it squeezes out any room for new hopes and dreams. We begin to adopt the narrative that if we could just start over, just go back, somehow repair (that old coat), then everything will be good. I know I’ve lost some of you. You’re probably thinking that starting over is good. Have any of you ever went to sleep, woke up the next day and it was yesterday? Did God let you start yesterday over? Um, that would be a resounding, NO! Exactly! Why would God do that when every day is a new beginning to start afresh! So, I don’t believe in starting over, I believe in embracing beginnings. Every moment of your life is a beginning to something. We have to be ok with getting rid of things that no longer serves us; that is no longer good for our minds and our souls. Let it go!!!

    What do you find yourself attached to or struggling to let go off? Start there and just let go…. Past hurts, people that are dead weight or energy suckers in your life. Let it all go! Remember, you have to clean the space in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul in order to bring new things in. I clean the closets in my house twice a year and I’m always looking to get rid of things that I don’t need. I don’t have time to reminisce about “if only”. How about, if only you would clean out that closet! Do you know how much space you would have to bring in the new! Get up after you read this and go clean out your physical closet. As you begin to get rid of things, think about your mental and emotional well-being. What can you do to clean your mental closet? What thoughts need to go? What can you do to clean up your emotions and your soul? I’m not going to lie to you or sell you some pipe dream and tell you that as you begin to perform this exercise that you are going to feel better overnight or even feel better in a week. I don’t know how junky your closet is? I don’t know how much you’re holding on to? But I do know that beginning is all that matters in this moment. Don’t concern yourselves with the outcomes. Just focus on the process. Today, just focus on cleaning out your closets.